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SYCO picks up Carly Rose Sonenclar’s Recording Option!

Posted on Feb 22, 2013 | 5 comments

The news that all the #CarlysAngels have been waiting for has just arrived! Carly Rose Sonenclar has officially signed a record contract with SYCO Music. A joint deal has not been made yet as they are now looking for the right label. The announcement came during her Radio Disney interview on Wednesday but was not aired on the show Thursday.

During the interview Carly said:

SYCO just told me that they’re picking up my recording option, which is very exciting for me. So now I guess they’re trying to find the right label for me. So that’s very exciting.

If the video file above is not available, you can play the audio file

It’s important to note that neither side have released anything official, but it’s clear Carly Rose and SYCO are set to make some magic happen. Once Carly is signed on with a co-label and announcements are made, we’ll have full coverage of all the latest developments.

What do YOU think of the news? What co-label should she sign with? Vote in our poll.

  • Thomas A. Lloyd

    Congrats Carly. Hopefully, soon I’ll have that CD I’ve been wanting so bad. Rock the world Carly, Rock the world!!!

  • Marty

    Woohoo! Such good news, Carly! So happy to see our little alien diva on her way to well deserved stardom!

  • Mary

    go for Columbia. Do your homework before choosing a label. I did a little looking up and Columbia is the best choice. I wouldn’t go with Epic. RCA would be my next choice. Just thought I would help.

  • Mimi Chinengo

    happy birthday Carly